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The city of one hundred horizons

“La città dei Cento orizzonti” (Eng. “The city of one hundred horizons”) –  that’s how Giosuè Carducci called Asolo and that’s how the city is known. It is a pearl set in the heart of Veneto and from here the project “Centorizzonti” takes its name.

If you look North, you can admire the landscapes of the Prosecco vines, which seem to create waves, and which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To the South, the plain slopes down to the Venetian lagoon; in the distance, you will see the Euganean Hills behind Padua, and the Berici mountains towards the West.

Since the Middle Ages, the history of Asolo has come together with some of the most famous historical and female figures of all time.

From the unfortunate Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, to the most famous actress of the beginning of the last century, Eleonora Duse.

 And then Freya Stark, the English writer and explorer who chose Asolo not only as her holiday home, but as a refuge to spend the last years of her centenary life.

 Not only women, but also famous men, such as Pietro Bembo and Robert Browning, have influenced the culture and the history of this village, one of the most beautiful village of Italy.

 Thanks to its one hundred horizons, Asolo has kept its prestige over time, and nowadays it still is a destination for people who love beauty and art, and more.

 The “Centorizzonti” project is a residence dedicated to the travellers and to the city itself.


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