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It is hard to explain why we made some emotional choices that later became a business.

A family, some spaces to be restored while keeping the marks of the past, the idea of ​​sharing beauty  – from these points comes the idea of ​​the first Residenza Diffusa (Eng. “dispersed hotel”), in Asolo.

 You will have the chance of feeling part of a small universe with a glorious past, a past lived by poets and artists, writers and travellers who discovered the “Centorizzonti” (Eng. One hundred horizons) back in their days.

 A village with a fascinating history

 Staying in a “Residenza Diffusa” (Eng. “dispersed hotel”) in Asolo means having breakfast in the city centre, walking under the arcades, having your happy hour while looking at the immense Venetian landscape, visiting the traditional bars.

After a few days, you will feel a feeling of intimacy that consists in getting to know people, and in being remembered in return, in the feeling of being welcomed, and of being in the right place.

 This is what happened to Ernest Hemingway, Eleonora Duse, Caterina Cornaro, Gian Francesco Malipiero or Robert Browning and Freya Stark.

Inside the dispersed hotel, in the heart of Asolo, the furnishing, the design and the simplicity are related to one’s needs of functionality.

Every room is unique; the restoration took up the peculiar element of each residence.

We have preserved the essence of the environment, that is in harmony with the landscape, the countryside and the village.


Dispersed Hotel




June 2018

We loved this apartment – they have done an amazing job renovating it – it keeps the character but with a contemporary feel – mi piache. It is the perfect spot to stay in Asolo.


April 2018

This is bar-none, the best AirBnB stay we have ever experienced and may have spoiled us for the future. Lodovico’s apartment is a completely remodeled space attached to a 14th century church. Inside however it has a superbly contemporary design with all new kitchen, bathrooms (3) and furniture. The private, landscaped courtyard with fountain and great night lighting gave us a secluded oasis just a few steps from the Hotel Cipriani in Asolo which is a delightfully hip walled village. The views were spectacular and we followed good advice in the book provided by the host to some great wine and restaurants. Highly recommend Due Mori for lunch or dinner. As good as any 5 star suite we’ve ever had. It will sleep 4-6 but selfishly we recommend renting it as a couple to spoil yourselves. Ciao